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STERLING KING brass and bronze jewelry is plated in either 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, silver, or black rhodium. To ensure the life of brass jewelry, do not expose it to water. Please remove your jewelry while exercising, bathing, and swimming, and avoid contact with perfumes, lotions or hair products.


STERLING KING recommends cleaning your plated jewelry using a damp, soft cloth. Make sure to fully dry the piece before wearing it. Do not use harsh chemicals, jewelry cleaners, or polishing cloths, as this will affect the finish. We suggest storing your brass jewelry in the box or pouch that we provide. STERLING KING highly recommends that you follow these instructions carefully to ensure lasting enjoyment of your brass and bronze jewelry pieces.




Keep silver jewelry away from harsh chemicals like household cleaning fluids as they create abrasions and reduce the lustre of the metal. Cleaning silver jewelry is best done with a professional jewelry cleaning product. Thoroughly dry your silver jewelry after exposure to water. Store your silver jewelry in an airtight soft lined box, pouch or airtight plastic bag to help avoid scratches and premature tarnishing of the jewelry or oxidization of the silver.



While gold is tarnish resistant, it can get dirty or smudged. To care for your STERLING KING gold jewelry, we recommend cleaning it with a mild detergent or ammonia solution. Be sure to rinse and wipe clean with a soft cloth or chamois.


Gold is lasting and durable but can get scratched or dented if treated roughly. Always protect your jewelry from sharp blows and rough surfaces. Keep your jewelry away from chlorinated cleaning products and out of swimming pools and jacuzzis as repeated exposure to chlorine can weaken your STERLING KING gold jewelry.


Protect your gold jewelry by storing it safely in a soft lined box or keeping it wrapped in a soft cloth when not being worn.